A quick, easy, affordable way to show your products is a one page sell sheet.

Show all of the product applications and specs.

Build a leave behind after a sales call or visit to a trade show booth.'

Submit to your customers

Popular with sales meetings, trade shows and customer calls.

Start with a phone call and we do the rest.

Product Sell Sheets
We build product templates
for quick, easy, affordable
private labeling
A picture is worth 1000 words... study prices and show why yours is better
Target Market = low-cost alternative to floor mop detergent
Build a complete product line with
just two starting photos
Pair the manufacturer's tech
photo with private labeling
Contract Translators convet
foreign to English and Spanish
Sell private labeling services
to wholesale distributors
...and we even hire local talent for a "retail look"
Want to bring retail products into industrial/commercial markets? This is one...
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