Manfacturers need to instruct their distributors and end users how to assemble, use, and care for the equipment and aftermaket items.

We call these affordable instruction booklets "Care and Feeding Manuals".

We start with the manufacturers current data, then interview factory staffs and engineers to create "How to Assemble" and "How to Use" documents. There are always tricks, and we always find them.

These guides are can also be private labeled.
Manufacturers and facility managers like to provide detailed instruction on steps to take for best results.

The example at left is an illustrated "How to Clean" guide is a 4.25" x 11" folded and bound booklet that gives instructions on how to clean a range of surfaces.

Booklets can also be built with photos from matching instruction videos (we build these, too)

Technically accurate with procedures selected and approved by both the seller and the buyer.
How to Assemble It, Use It , Care for It
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